7D Imaging, Inc., is proud to announce that it will donate it’s entire, award winning NAV™ ultrasound learning suite to the NYAGI Project in support of their upcoming training session in Haiti.

Boulder, Colorado, January x, 2019 – 7D Imaging, Inc., a leading provider of on-demand, learn-as-you-go, ultrasound training solutions, announced today that it is donating its complete NAV™ software suite to the NYAGI Project towards its efforts in Haiti. The Haiti initiative, led by the Caris Foundation in collaboration with several other organizations and donors, will teach ultrasound skills to local clinicians to “help save lives”. 7D Imaging, whose stated goal is “to bring ultrasound to the world” is thrilled to contribute both its proven training tools and its talent in support of this mission aligned initiative.

The NAV product line is well known for its modern approach to rapid learning, both in the initial stages as well as in point-of-care scenarios. Having “experts-in-a-box” — NAV on an iPAD — facilitates continuous learning and increases clinician confidence in diagnosing a variety of medical conditions.

Of particular note is use of 7D Imaging solutions in under resourced areas of the world to identify pregnancy related issues before they become acute. NYAGI’s 2016 and 2017 projects in Nepal have demonstrated the power of these tools to teach midwives and birth attendants basic ultrasound skills in as little as 3-5 days. Armed with a simple, portable ultrasound device, an iPAD and the NAV solution, these medical workers have already helped save 100’s of lives.

“Nothing beats knowing”, said Dr. Cliff Gronseth, Founder of 7D Imaging, NYAGI, and a practicing physician. “Ultrasound imaging gives trained professionals the ability to look inside the body to identify potential life-threatening conditions. The learning curve with ultrasound has historically been steep. We are excited that our novel approach to training can rapidly ramp proficiency, particularly in remote settings.”

To learn more about 7D Imaging and its training solutions visit the website at http://www.7dImaging.com.

To learn more about the NYAGI project or to make a donation visit their website at: https://www.nyagi.org.


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7D Imaging develops ultrasound education solutions featuring high resolution imagery and point-of-care reference guides to accelerate learning and enhance ultrasound use. The goal is to reduce the “steep learning curve” to mastering ultrasound and to help providers scan with greater confidence by providing immediate access to relevant information.

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